The easiest way to peel ginger

Ginger can be used for numerous things, such as adding flavour to stir-fry dishes, adding a subtle spice to dips or to make delicious fresh ginger tea. But because of its gnarly, awkward shape, it’s a real nightmare to peel a ginger root. Either you end up peeling off a whole chunk of the ginger, or you cut yourself in the fingers.

Fortunately, we know the secret to peeling ginger roots in the easiest way possible. All you need is a spoon. The trick is to hold the ginger root firmly and scrape the skin with the spoon. The skin is scraped right off. It’s easy and there’s no risk of cutting your fingers.

Now that you’ve mastered peeling ginger roots, our fresh spring rolls with green curry dip are a snap to make. Or like recipe creator Nandita, go for the So Thai Ginger Paste.