How to fold the perfect fresh spring rolls

Love Vietnamese spring rolls but is rolling them still a challenge? With our tips, you’ll roll spring rolls like a pro!

Step 1

Immerse the rice sheet briefly (2-5 seconds) in lukewarm water. Never use boiling water, otherwise your rice paper sheet will fall apart.

Step 2

Spread the rice paper sheet out on a flat, smooth surface such as a plate or chopping board.

Step 3

When choosing your ingredients, make sure that they are curved/round edges, so that they don’t pierce through the rice sheets.

Step 4

Lay the ingredients horizontally on a rice sheet in front of you. Start about 3 centimetres from the edge at the bottom of the sheet and leave about 3 centimetres of the rice sheet empty on both sides as well. Make sure you don’t add too much filling on the rice sheets: the fuller the roll, the harder it is to close. Cover the rice sheet up to about halfway with ingredients.

Step 5

Take the edge closest to you and cover the filling; roll the rice sheet away from you. Gently pull the rice sheet while pushing the filling inside with your fingertips.

Step 6

Once the filling is covered, fold the sides inwards. This seals the sides nicely and keeps the filling from falling out.

Step 8

Pull the remaining rice sheet tight and roll the spring roll further away from you in order to get a tight roll. Use your fingertips again to push the filling firmly inside.


Keep the rolls in the fridge (you could sprinkle some (sesame) oil so that they don’t stick to each other as much) until you serve them. Cut the rolls open just before serving.

Now you know how to roll the perfect spring roll; it’s time to put those skills to the test. Try our recipe for fresh spring rolls with green curry dip, delicious vegetarian Vietnamese spring rolls with a spicy dipping sauce.