Taste the true flavours of Asia with So Thai. Our recipes have been developed with recipes and cooking methods that have been passed on from mother to daughter for many generations. So it’s spicy, but also sweet, sour and creamy. The products are prepared with care in Asia, most of them in Thailand. We work with fresh, local ingredients so that the taste of the ingredients is optimally preserved. You have also come to the right place for basic products from other Asian cuisines. Rice sheets for Vietnamese fresh spring rolls for example, or Japanese Teriyaki wok sauce for the tastiest wok dishes.
Wok sauce ketjap sesame

Flavour vegetables, fish or meat (substitute) with this sweet wok sauce. Delicious with chicken, tofu, pork or beef. First stir-fry your meat (or fish) and then your vegetables. For extra depth of flavour, add ginger paste and garlic paste. When the dish is almost ready, add the sauce and fry for another 2-3 minutes. Garnish the dish with sesame seeds. Also very tasty to season noodles with.

Allergen information: this product contains soya, wheat (gluten), sesame and mustard.