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Creamy coconut milk (18% fat)

With this extra creamy coconut milk, you can give any dish a coconut taste. Delicious in soups, curries, desserts, sauces and smoothies, the application possibilities are endless!

Shake well before use. At temperatures below 24 °C, which is the rule in Northern Europe, the coconut milk can solidify. The fat then floats upwards and the water downwards. Given the creamy quality of this coconut milk, this will happen more often with this version.

Coconut milk is made by rehydrating coconut flakes in water and then squeezing them. The more coconut is used, the higher the percentage of (coconut) fat in the coconut milk. A higher fat percentage of coconut milk means that more coconut is used in the mixture. In countries where coconut milk has been used for a long time (like Thailand), the fat percentage indicates the quality. In other words, the higher the fat percentage, the higher the quality. A fat percentage of 18% is the premium quality. This coconut milk lends itself well to use in desserts because of its creamy texture and strong coconut flavour.

Recipes with creamy coconut milk