Discover Thailand
from your own kitchen

What’s for dinner tonight? Discover exciting different flavour combinations from Asian cuisines for your homemade feast. Join us on an expedition through this beautiful continent and experience the ultimate Asian taste experience. Relish the sweet, spicy, sour and creamy taste sensations that Asian cuisine is known for. Enjoy and let your mind wander to a Thai island or Vietnamese food market. Whether you choose an authentic Thai dish or a dish with all kinds of Asian flavours, So Thai has everything you need to have the ultimate Asian taste experience. Let yourself be inspired by our quick and easy recipes.

Taste the true flavours of Asia with So Thai. So Thai is originally an authentic Thai brand. Our recipes have been developed with recipes and cooking methods that have been passed on from mother to daughter for many generations. The products are prepared with care in Asia; we always work with fresh, local ingredients. For example, our curry pastes and sauces are made from the best fresh Thai spices and herbs. Food lovers use So Thai because of its high quality and authentic (Thai) flavours. Read on >>

With the So Thai products, you can put a delicious (authentic Thai) meal on the table in no time. Each ingredient and dish is a new taste to try; each recipe offers new cooking techniques to discover. We like to feed your curiosity! Whether you’re just discovering the Asian cuisine or have been rolling the finest spring rolls for years, our creative culinarians have put together some useful tips for you. Indulge in the pure flavours of Asian cuisines at home as these were intended to be used. Still have an unanswered question? Let us know and we’ll look into it for you!